Sea of Thieves, Rare Ltd. VFX Assets Consulting

Mad Max Game, Avalanche Studios - Sky Matte Painter

Digital Domain Mad Max Cinematics - Sky Matte Painting

Research Publication in Psychology. "The role of the physical work environment for creative employees - a case study of digital artists", The International Journal of Human Resource

Die or Let Live - A Documentary about wildlife rescue efforts in Costa Rica filmed in 5k. Currently in production

The Songs of Kamal - Book Illustrations, currently translated to 5 languages

Avalanche in the Jungle - Promo video for Avalanche Studios

BBC Television - Camera Assistant. Interview of Director/Producer Les Harries

World Animal Protection. Public Speaker and video production

FV Lighting the Animals of the Jungle 1 - Sponsor Short

FV Lighting the Animals of the Jungle 2 - Sponsor Short


Bachelor in Organisational Psychology, Specialision in Leadership of Creative Teams and Projects - Lund University